Vanarch of Val Palrada!
June 6, 2012

Whaddup. RoC now rules Val Palrada.

Congratulations everyone! We've gone a long way and a goal has been accomplished. We have not decided on what to do with our tax incomes yet, but check the forums!

OBT Tomorrow, April 19
April 18, 2012

Get ready everyone!

The time has finally come! Our characters will no longer wipe! We're playing on Valley of Titans as our official server. My in-game character name will be "Hongie". Check our guild mumble here....

Our Server at OBT & Launch
April 5, 2012

Hey guys,

We're going to be staying on Valley of Titans for OBT. So make your character there! If you haven't pre-ordered, you should so you can reserve your character on our server! It may fill up~ You can also grab our mumble information here....


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