We’re now recruiting for NCSoft’s upcoming MMORPG, Blade and Soul. Long forum applications are no longer required. Please contact Hongie in-game during CBT, PM Hong on Blade and Soul Dojo’s forum, the official forums, or register an account on our forums and PM Hong. You will be asked a few questions.

Requirements & Mandatory Rules:

  1. Age 18+ only.
  2. Fluent in English.
  3. Loyal. You leave the guild once without notification, you can never join back.
  4. Must donate frequently to help us level up the clan. No donations will result us charging you a large sum for guild crafts when you need them.
  5. Have Mumble installed in case we need you to get on to listen during big events. Microphone is not required.
  6. Don’t cause any drama in the guild and respect other guildies. We don’t care what you do outside the guild.


  1. Form a group of long-term competitive PvPers.
  2. Participate in all large scale content.
  3. Guild Exclusive PvP tournaments.
  4. Complete all PvE content including the 24M raid when available.

We plan to play Blade and Soul for a very long time. We’re looking for new loyal members who’s willing to stick with us for years to come.

Please visit the About Us page for more information about our guild.