World Domination 75%


We’re a PvX guild. We do both PvP and PvE content. We favor PvP over PvE. We absolutely love GvG.
No. We will request you to join us in guild wars if applicable. We expect you to follow our guild leader and officer’s order during large events. Other than that, you’re free to do whatever you want as long as you do not cause in-guild drama.
The easiest way to get a hold of a RoC member in-game. Alternatively, you may register an account on our forums and PM Hong.
You may have been kicked and banned in the past. We do not re-consider previous members who have been kicked, banned, or had abandoned us.
If our guild member is causing you issue and you are in the guild, please report him/her to a veteran member. If you are not in a guild, then please understand that we don’t care what our members do to people outside of the guild.
Yes. You will need to have mumble installed in case we need you to hop on and listen.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Reside in North America.
  • Age 18+. We accept members below 18 if they are mature or monitored by a parent.
  • Mumble installed in case we call you onto mumble to listen. Microphone not required, but recommended.
  • Loyal. We expect you to be loyal.
  • Supportive. We expect you to support our guild in whatever way you can. E.g, if we require in-game gold to level up the clan, we expect you to donate.
  • Participation. We may go into war with other guilds and we expect you to help us if we call a mandatory guild gathering.
No. If you go inactive, we may kick you. We may also kick you if we find you annoying or if your personality is difficult to deal with.
Reign of Chaos. Absolutely no idea how Hong came up with that name. Probably from WC3.
It depends. If we need members to participate in a certain zerg content, we will allow anyone to join, up to a certain amount, as long as they meet the level requirement. If the game offers no zerg content, we’re usually more strict and randomly pick up players as we play the game.
No. We don’t monitor nor test the skill level of our new recruits. When we party with our new recruits, we will offer them suggestions on how to improve their role if they’re underperforming. If they refuse to cooperate, we’ll kick them out of the guild.